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[Challenge 5][Cat D] The Snail

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Austina Anteca thought of herself as a pretty funny person. The life of the party, in her mind. So when it was time to name her vehicle for the race, she decided to name it after a famously slow creature from Earth. She thought that was hilarious.




Thanks for reading! C&C welcome!

Turns out that what looks like a clip at the front of the spiders holding the entire thing together is not actually a clip, so this has a nasty habit of randomly springing apart. That's why I got sick of fiddling with it and posted early :hmpf_bad:


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Great parts choices here. Those gates on the sides are inspired.

I'll second that! The huge wheels are great! The vehicle is very cohesive and creative! Really pushing the size limit to the max with great results! The panel on front the big wheels too is a perfect addition and really adds to the overall feel. And the name, of course, and the flavor text, is quite funny! :laugh:

~Insectoid Aristocrat

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