[MOC] 2 P-Lego Non-RC Remakes: Lancia Stratos & Rally Car

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I really like many of P-Lego's MOCs. I wanted to build two of my favorites, the Lancia Stratos and one of the rally cars.

Alas, I'm short on PF, so I thought I'd mix it up with alternate designs using fake engines and HOG steering.

I present the Lancia Stratos alternate and the Rally Car alternate:


The Lancia was an interesting challenge mimicking the original body while fitting a full-sized fake transverse V6, rear differential, and full suspension.

I eventually gave up having a suspension on the rear and just went with the front (too little space).

It came together in three separate pieces: front, middle, and rear. The suspension in the front has a lot of travel and a tight turning radius.



Some of the proportions are different, especially the fenders in the front and the height of the rear trunk (had to make things fit).

There is actually room in the front for a spare tire (in place of what would have been the battery box), but I didn't have one when I made the model.


For the rally car, I wanted a full suspension with a fake engine and rear differential as compact as possible. It has a mini fake V6 in the front.



This was built in two parts, the chassis with all the moving parts, and the body with the HOG wheel.

The body attaches to the chassis with 6 easily accessible pins. When connected together, its a pretty sturdy connection.

In theory, the chassis could fit to many alternate bodies.


More images for the Rally car, Stratros, and both.

Currently working on some instructions (LDD is quite a time sink). I'll post when I get around to it.

Thanks for looking, and thanks P-Lego for the cool MOCs.

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