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Builds for the Ye Old Merry Battleground Display

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These were my contributions to the Ye Old Merry Battleground layout at BFVA.

The Vermillion realm (red) and the Cerulean realm (blue) are at war! The land's greatest heroes go head to head in many epic battles where breaches are made on both sides. The forest men who dwell outside of the two realms' protection acted upon the war's opportunity and planned their own schemes for riches. As you cross between the realms, beware of bandits, swindlers, and dragons.








Be sure to check out the full write-up of the display on

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As I said on Flickr, excellent builds that came together into an amazing collab. :classic:

Are there any plans for a complete overview shot of the display yet? Most of the ones that I have seen are either low quality, or are at an angle so one can't actually see the whole layout.

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These are great! I've seen the ones that you have posted over on GoH already, and I guess actually I've looked at all of them on the InnovaLUG site, but it is great to see all of your work together in one place. If I were to list all of what I like about these it would take all day, but the purple tree in the falconer's cottage in particular caught my eye. Are the leaves held on by being draped over the 3-stalk flower stems? That is a new way of attaching foliage, and one that I might have to copy.

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