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[SR-FB 1 August] Statues of Justice

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(this is being registered as a small Arts and Culture)

The sea rats of Rassilon weren't big on anything that fell within the realm of cultured society. But one day an Oleander artist showed up who insisted that if he were allowed to bring a little bit of art into the pirate's lives, they would feel more enlightened as a people.


He built a pedestal and began to chisel away some statues to grace the people of Rassilon. As the statues took form it was clear that it was an angel slaying a demon.


When asked what the two figures represented the artist stated that the angel represented justice and the demon represented piracy. He said that he felt if the pirates of Rassilon had a permanent representation of what they faced if the persisted in their sins, that they may turn from their vile ways.


The sea rats of Rassilon didn't like that, so that night they drowned the artist in quicksand and left him to dry on the beach. They added a few more touches to the rock-like artist and replaced the demon with him. Some say you can still see the eyes of the artist looking out in horror through the helmet they drowned him in.


Now the sea rats say the piece of art represents how they make their own justice.

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Nice build, but after I red the text things became a bit... Uncosy? :wink:

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Lovely little vignette, and very piraty story! That artist opened a can of rather deadly worms! :D

The posing of the stautes is really nice, as is their symbolism. I think I would have given the base a, well... base underneath the pillar pieces too, and it seems a bit odd that it is placed on so rough ground, but otherwise, a very lovely monument.

Good to see some culture brought to the Sea Rats.

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