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Brick Inventory Search Tool

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I download simple tool for manage my LEGO inventory from this repo https://sourceforge....brickinventory/. And have to know how use Import => BrickLink Order. I have BL account but do not know how I can save my order. Any idea how fix this is welcome.

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I dislike answer to my own question. I start like this app more that BrickUtils. So how I do this:

  • Authorize on BrickLink
  • go to Orders Placed page
  • on bottom click Download
  • choose what you have to export
  • set File Format as XML
  • save and do import

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Brick Inventory Search Tool can work in windows console only. Get you opportunity to be more familiar with your collection if you carry on Brick Inventory database.


  • -h, --help => show this help message and exit
  • -v, --version => show this program version and exit
  • -n INTEGER|FILE, --number=INTEGER|FILE => retrevies information from your collection about the presence of parts of the specified number(s)
  • -m FILE, --match=FILE => match your collection with pairs of values from specified file, and show what elements you must get to consider task
  • -o DIR, --output=DIR => a normalized absolute|relative version of the pathname for saving result as comma-separated values
  • -w, --without-employment => don't print parts that exist in your collection
  • -i, --incude-non-existent => include in result non-existent parts in your collection
  • -q, --quiet => don't print status messages to stdout

Download from

To make it work extract archive in BI app root directory.

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