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Lego City Future - Vintage Hovercab

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Lego City Future - Vintage Hovercab


A while ago i presented you a sleek and modern Hovercab.This aerodynamic Vehicle was build from Day 1 as a Hovercar and was build for Speed and even for flying in higher Altitutes,so you could even call a Cab in the 200th Floor of your Apartmentcomplex.

Compared to this,my newest MOC rather depicts a sluggish and old Vehicle from the so called "Rubber-Era" which was the Time when all Vehicles were still earthbound and moved on Rubbertyres.

As you may know by now,converting an existing 4 wheeled Car into a Hovercar by replacing most of the Drivetrain and the Chassis by some Aftermarket Hover-Engines is cheaper than bying a new Hovercar.Taxes and Insurance are also way lower because they cause less Accidents and they preserve historic Vehicles.

When this Yellow Cab was still new,it was a large,almost enormous and elegant Car with a powerfull Engine and a Suspension you might think the Car was floating on Clouds.Not much has changed since then.Still big,still comfortable and under the Hood a huge and powerful Engine.Sure,nowadays,it`s an electric Plasma-Turbine but it`s the Idea that Counts.

The only Downside:Better don`t try to float over Structures taller than 3 Meters.The Hoverpads can defeat Gravity up to a certain Point.but try to get higher and you will hit the Ground like a Rock.










I also added some Pictures with my earlier build Hovercab,which depicts the modern Hovercar.




Hope you like my newest MOC and enjoyed a bit my little history about Hovercars in Lego World...

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I'm liking the overall design, those front cilinders (where the headlights connect) really give the body some nice round curves, and the turbines look, well like turbines.

Though I wonder how it would look if you build the back similar. Colorwise I would go with one uniform body panel color, and highlight the metal parts with one color as well.

The checkered pattern is a nice touch btw. :sweet:

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I really like this design and concept! Then again, I always did like the idea of retro sci-fi and re-purposing obsolete equipment so it still had a use (like that project I did where I converted an antique crank phone to work on a regular phone line).

This cab project, likewise, perfectly captures the feel of a 1950-ish cab being converted into a hover car.

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