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Professor Thaum

[O- E11] Finally in the middle of asteroids belt

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Radar : test 1

The Base 1

The Lab 1

Radar : test 2

Location : E11- The Fascini Cluster

TAG : Octan, Spaceship, Science, land vehicle (drone ), civilian building

Hadvice : We're ready Professor

Pr. Thaum : Yes Hadvice, we're just waiting for Boris and the equipment container


rd3f.jpg: Professor, Why are we going to the Fascini Cluster, for a trite sensor inspection... considering that the councellor was no more a problem ?

o6rn.jpg : this screwball of councellor inspired my curiosity... a hidden radar in the Fascini cluster... seems interesting.

rd3f.jpg : Professor, you do not attach very importance to authority, do you. but I saw you throwing yourself on your knees when the councellor talk about the CEO... You're nevertheless afraid of authority ??

o6rn.jpg : You're a bonehead Hadvice !!! I don't give a shit of any CEO or authority !!!!

rd3f.jpg : you seemed very scared however...

o6rn.jpg : He refered to Pombe...

rd3f.jpg : You fear the CEO ?

o6rn.jpg : No ! I fear Pombe !!! Nudists have always terrifying me !!

Ah, Here's Boris.




Hadvice : all is clear for the marshaller, Professor

Pr thaum : So... here we go !




rd3f.jpg : We're approaching the fascini cluster border professor.



Hadvice : I love space professor, even in the middle of an asteroid field, this is beautiful. And your V3 shuttle is very comfortable.

Pr. Thaum : Thanks Hadvice, but it is just a shuttle, however I agree, it is very easy to handle and very reliable. And the space is beautiful, you're right.Take a look outside ! The views are breathtaking.

Hadvice : Yes really outstanding, such a beeeeeaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA....






*** a panic attack and an faint later ***

o6rn.jpg : Hadvice !!! WAKE UP !!! Here we are. You unload the equipment with Boris, I will take a look of this hidden lair.



o6rn.jpg : A CBI !!!! Rhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!! This twit wanted me to inspect... a CBI !!!! A passive detector !!!!

Hadvice, will you please remind me to be especially wicked with this councellor.

So, were in the place, Hadvice,take a look behind the servicing panels, me I'm going to deal with the main computer.

Boris please, you have to set and adjust the sub-millimetrer domes.

dihr.jpg : Kriii sriiii triii ki ki riki ti griiiiiiiii



rd3f.jpg : All seem to be at nominal value.

dihr.jpg : kriii tikitikiti piki


Pr Thaum: It's all good with the computer too.


Pr Thaum : OK, Hadvice, bring the special box, and Boris, you have to tuned this CBI on the awesomium crystalline frequency.



Pr thaum : Good job everybody... We went not for nothing.

C&C welcome, bonus pics tomorrow

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Wow, easily your biggest build yet. I like how clean the ship is with pockets of greebling, it works really well. The ship almost has a A-Wing on steroids feel to it. Boris is pretty cute, even if I do sorta want to step on him. :grin: I think it is the nose, reminds me of a mosquito ...

The action shot with the asteroids was cool, works really well with the environment. And I really like the whole radar installation. The one thing I'm tossing about in my mind is whether it works well that the landing platform is the same in both the leaving scene and the radar installation or whether it should be different. I'm not sure, at first I thought it should be different but now I'm thinking maybe in typical Octan efficiency it would be the same. :laugh:

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You're right for the landing plateform, this is an Octan standard, the same pieces are used for all landing site, this allow a mass production an a real efficiency if the gear work properly.

To be really honest : the only lego cool landing plateform is the 6099, and Octan understood it very well an make it recurring

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Very nice ship. Easily the standout of this build, which has lots of good stuff going on. Story is funny too. Professor Thaum is a fun character.

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Here are the bonus pics... and a detail I forget

A C.B.I. stands for Cosmic Background imager, a passive sensor telescope for capturing the residual frequencies, signal sending and gravitationnal waves (Aka fossil radiations) from the far far universe. I saw one in Chile and one in Antarctica( here's the Chile one)


the pics

The V3 shuttle :



The landing gear, fully fonctionnal


Boris :

with the container


from below



The container :


The CBI :

control room


maintenance access


overall view


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and just as a preview, since I was talking about antarctica : I will probably use this (I saw it on a supply boat en route to Antarctica) in my next MOC



Edited by Professor Thaum

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Great build! That a cool spaceship you've got there! I especially like the scene with the astroid flying by, it gave a feeling of danger and the interaction between Hadvice and Thaym was funny

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As usual, the story is hilarious! :laugh:

Great job here! Your base is really nice, and the ACBI looks super cool! And, as I said in the PM, I love the bug bot! :grin:

~Insectoid Aristocrat

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Wow, Excellent work on everything. This spaceship looks awesome. Its nice to see the extra pictures that inspired the build. Looks just like it. 

Edited by Boxerlego

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