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[K - C09] Kanto Park

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Location: C09 Orinshi

Tags: Vehicle, Land Vehicle, Exploration

Last time, in Ender's story:

Bike Beats Robots

Sunday Afternoon Drive

Suess Island

Tribble Island


As the great, great, great grandson of Satoshi Tajiri was one of the founding members of Kawashita, they now owned the rights to the Pokemon mega-franchise. With one of it's off-shoots, Monsters of Andromeda, being played by people from all 3 corporations right now, the franchise was booming more than ever. In honor of it's origins, Kawashita had built a Kanto Park on Orinshi. In this park players could come and live out the original Pokemon adventure. They could explore, in person, everywhere from the Viridian Forest to the Safari Zone. All of the monsters were mechanical creatures created using nano-technology which allowed them to actaully be shrunk down into a Pokeball when caught. One of the extra additions the park designers added was jet-powered bicycles. Because, who really wants to physically bike all the way to Indigo Plateau?


Ender had some vacation time after spending weeks exploring the Sorn islands, so he decided to take a trip to the Kanto Park. He had just received the Super-Rod and was passing a pool so he decided to try it out.



. . . . . A Pokemon's on the hook!


A Blastoise! What luck! If he caught this Pokemon, maybe Professor Oak would finally stop telling him to try to round out his Pokedex by catching water-type Pokemon.




Meanwhile, in Valetine's lab...


"Help me!" cried the scientist. "This Tribble isn't a plant, it's a quick breeding, furry animal!"

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Ha Ha Ha, great story this week. I like the little detail you put into the bike with the rocket engine. But if Tribble Island has fast breeding replicating animals, does Suess Island make you rhyme? :look:

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Kawashita owns Pokémon? Try beat that, Octan! :laugh: Blastoise is done very well and the park does its job. Nice backstory! :thumbup:

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Awesome. Just awesome. KG having the market cornered on pocket monsters makes the most sense.

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Nice smooth integration of the pond and the landscape. Fun build idea! :laugh: As with Greeble, your idea to use your mech in your build is well done! :laugh:

~Insectoid Aristocrat

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