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Adeel Zubair

MOC: Turtle XL (21109 - Exo-Suit, Alternative Model)

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Firstly, I'm not that type of guy who purchases multiple sets however the '21109 - Exo-Suit' was one of them along with '70816 - Benny's Spaceship, Spaceship, SPACESHIP' which I got two of (one to display and one for parts.) Both sets got me into designing MOC's so they have a very special place in my heart.

I managed to purchase three copies of the Exo-Suit: one for personal collection with a signed box by Legoloverman andlego_nabii (, one I used for parts to build my own Neo-Classic Space MOC's and I still had one sealed. (At the time it was another copy for a parts pack and the cool Minifigures.)

I've been questioning myself for a while now with what to do with the extra copy I own. Yesterday I set myself a task to build an alternative model only using pieces from ‘21009 - Exo-Suit.' inspired by the LEGO Movie (2014) 2-in-1 sets. This model contains about 80% of the pieces from that set. It's inspired by the 'Turtle' included with '21109 - Exo-Suit' but it's a larger version of the turtle that can be piloted by a Minifigure,' so essentially it's a Turtle Exo-Suit but I prefer to call it 'Turtle XL.'

28403030394_729da9fae4_z.jpgTurtle XL by Adeel Zubair, on Flickr

Feedback and criticism is much appreciated.



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Looks good. I love restricting myself to parts from a specific set and seeing what I cam come up with, and i think you did well with this one!

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