[K-C09] The Asset

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Mt. Takei

Orinshi - 3186

Tags: Special Operations

28911673451_d3db255fc4_t.jpg "I'm assuming you got my message."

28702123480_f508db2811_t.jpg "Yes, I'm nearly at the location now. I forgot how humid it is on Orinshi."

28911673451_d3db255fc4_t.jpg "You have to adopt the local fashion, Brik. Silk is very breathable. Helps with the humidity."

28702123480_f508db2811_t.jpg "I'm not really big on silk clothes, Raven. Just... not my style."

28911673451_d3db255fc4_t.jpg "Ha. To be honest, I never liked silk clothes either."

28702123480_f508db2811_t.jpg "So you're sure about this? The Asset has been out of play for months now. What if he's not up to it any more?"

28911673451_d3db255fc4_t.jpg "Trust me. I know him personally and I'm pretty sure I know exactly how he's going to react when he sees you."

28702123480_f508db2811_t.jpg "Really. How?"

28911673451_d3db255fc4_t.jpg "Just don't make any sudden moves and you should be okay."

28702123480_f508db2811_t.jpg "Uhhh... should I have brought a security detail?"

28911673451_d3db255fc4_t.jpg "I'm kidding. He's a teacher, now. He's not gone feral. I think."

28702123480_f508db2811_t.jpg "Well... I'll report back when I've spoken with the Asset."

28911673451_d3db255fc4_t.jpg "Stop calling him 'The Asset', Brik. He has a name."


Mt. Takei was once the heart of the original Orinshi colony. Many of its banners and decor still featured the original symbol of the Kawashita Group. The Takei Dojo had been on the mountain since the earliest days of that first colony, and the old traditions died hard there. Brik had occasionally wondered where the Asset had been sent after the events in the Hamilton Belt almost a year ago. He had heard rumors about training facilities on secret moons, or deep below the ocean of that watery world he could never remember the name of. He never expected Raven to send the Asset here, hidden in plain sight from all the enemies he had made in Andromeda.


When he entered the dojo, there was a brother and sister training in kendo gear. Brik wasn't much of a traditionalist, but he had to admire the aesthetics of the room, their armor, and the poise with which they trained. The brother did not seem impressed to see him. He looked down at Brik's shoes and said nothing.


The sister was more friendly. She seemed to know exactly why he was there. She pointed him off to an exit that led behind the dojo, along a carefully tended garden path.


Koro was meditating in the gardens when Brik came looking for him. More accurately, when Raven sent Brik looking for him. It had taken awhile for the resentment and boredom to subside, but now he was getting used to Mt. Takei, his students, and the long slow days of quiet contemplation. Sometimes he wondered if perhaps Raven had not been right about the Commodore. He stayed away from the news networks and all his old contacts in Special Operations had long ago gone silent. Now he hardly knew what was happening out there in the galaxy.


28702123480_f508db2811_t.jpg "Uh. Hi there, Koro."

28882950752_2f930993bd_t.jpg "Great. I was just ascertaining the meaning of life."

28702123480_f508db2811_t.jpg "We've never met before, but I've heard a lot about you. Your file is as thick as my thigh."

28882950752_2f930993bd_t.jpg "What do you want? Does she know you're here?"


28702123480_f508db2811_t.jpg "Actually, she's why I'm here. Raven was targeted in a bombing--"

28882950752_2f930993bd_t.jpg "Whoa. She's not..."

28702123480_f508db2811_t.jpg "No, no. She's alive. She barely made it."

28882950752_2f930993bd_t.jpg "And let me guess... now she needs me back?"

28702123480_f508db2811_t.jpg "Something like that. Not everyone knows she's still alive. We're waiting until the time is right, but before she steps back out of the shadow, we need to track down the people responsible."

28882950752_2f930993bd_t.jpg "That was going to be my next question: who had the stones to try and erase Raven?"

28702123480_f508db2811_t.jpg "We thought it was a guy called 'SpacerSteve' but now we're not so sure."

28882950752_2f930993bd_t.jpg "Affiliation?"

28702123480_f508db2811_t.jpg "M.A.N.T.I.S."

28882950752_2f930993bd_t.jpg "Assassinating another corporation's leader seems like too bold a move, even for them."

28702123480_f508db2811_t.jpg "That's what Raven said. We don't know how deep this goes. That's where you come in."

28882950752_2f930993bd_t.jpg "Okay."

28702123480_f508db2811_t.jpg "Okay? That's all?"

28882950752_2f930993bd_t.jpg "What were you expecting me to do -- ask for a raise?"


Sometime later, Brik had gone and Koro was alone again in the garden. He thought about the way his life was now, the idyllic peace he'd resisted for so long had finally started to seep in and just like that... it was over. Now it was back to the swordplay, the close calls, getting his arms ripped off, and so on. He felt... excited. Ready.

Meanwhile, Brik reported back to Raven...

28702123480_f508db2811_t.jpg "I have to admit, I expected more of a fuss."

28911673451_d3db255fc4_t.jpg "Nah. For all his faults, he's a pretty loyal guy."

28702123480_f508db2811_t.jpg "You say that, but he's only been in exile all this time because of disloyalty."

28911673451_d3db255fc4_t.jpg "Here's the thing: he's stayed in exile this past year. He went into exile willingly when I ordered it. Would you have done that quietly? I wouldn't have."

28702123480_f508db2811_t.jpg "I see your point, but how do we encourage him to follow orders without his usual... creativity?"

28911673451_d3db255fc4_t.jpg "Don't worry about that part. I can handle Koro. Once he makes contact, I'll get him set up and ready to go."

28702123480_f508db2811_t.jpg "I hope you know what you're doing, Raven."

28911673451_d3db255fc4_t.jpg "Time will tell."



Builder's Notes:

Koro is back! I hope I can build more often now than I did last year. I've missed the Lego! Thanks for looking and, as always, there are a few extra pics on my Flickr.

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*golf clap*

Well done, great story and the MOCs are amazing. Really impressive work.

Thanks Brik! I hope I did your character justice.

Yes Koro is back! I love your builds!

Thanks Umbra! It's good to be back.

Great Build, Great Story! Welcome back!


It's great to see Koro come back. Your builds are always so good and have great stories to match.

Thanks StarHawk! I hope I can keep up with everyone this time!

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Welcome back. :classic:

Great story and an awesome build as always! The dojo is well done, just the right amount of detail for a simple elegant look! :sweet:

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Welcome back. :classic:

Great story and an awesome build as always! The dojo is well done, just the right amount of detail for a simple elegant look! :sweet:

Thank you. I really like the dojo too!

Korro is one of my favorite characters in AG. I'm glad to see you back again. Wonderful Dojo and garden

Thanks Steve! I expect Koro and your sigfig will be running into each other before too long. :purrr:

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So glad you're back! You've always been one of my favorite AG builders! Great job here! The setting is really nice. The Dojo itself is smooth and well designed, and the exterior is also very appealing. Love the white tree with red foliage, and the bridge is cute! Great work!

~Insectoid Aristocrat

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