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Col. Brik

[K-B06] Entrapment

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Mission: Entrapment

Tags: Kawashita, Exploration, Sorn

Under direct orders from Raven I have arranged a meetup with Spacer Steve on Sorn. I used a Blacktron code and ID to entice him to a meeting in the swamps under the guise of selling Kawashita secrets. Little did he know I had other plans.


After a lengthy "conversation" with a pair of Kawashita swords near his neck Spacer Steve convinced me that he has nothing to do with Ravens death. The ruse is still working about her being still dead. He still refers to her in past tense and has explained in detail how the explosion occurred and how he was not the fig spotted on security cameras.

I should kill him now, but my training is kicking in, and I know in my heart he is not the guilty one. He could have rambled on and explained who it was and he was never there but he has explained he knows but cannot say at this time because it could hurt his corporations standing. I believe he wants help, but not officially.


I will have to trust he is telling the truth, and believe he will lead me to those responsible.

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Interesting developments. This Spider's web story and raven's death are really well intertwined. Great work all around.

~Insectoid Aristocrat

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