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Classic Space Stargate

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After years of studying the strange relic, classic space scientists were at last able to unlock it's secrets. But what would happen when an astronaut was sent through ... The Star Gate!


Now that I've satisfied my flair for the dramatic, I may as well give some backstory. After attending Brickfete 2016 this year, I left with a large number of blue antennas, bley 2x2 tiles, 2x2 dark bley inverse slopes, and bley 1x1 round tiles. Deciding to challenge myself and build something that had all these parts, these were my results. Comments and criticism welcome :classic:


If you're still interested, some more pictures can be found on my flickr here:

Comments and criticism welcome!

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Nice. For the background I'd recommend getting a large sheet of white paper (A0 size). If you sit the model on top of the paper and gently roll the paper upwards behind the model, you can get a nice infinite horizon.

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