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The goal of this project was to modify my old 8051 set and try to find a good match for my beloved knobbed tires from set 42007 and basically with the combination to transform it into something more classic – Brat/Tracker bike.

Let me clear it for you, I think that 8051 set is a good source of ideas and a role model of efficient, compact design.

I love how the original frame of the 8051 was constructed, so I didn‘t need to put a lot of effort in this component. Pretty much the same principle goes with the front fairing. Yes you may say that it can look quite weird with brat/tracker, but these bikes are made for customizing for a reason I guess. I like the original dual round headlight, so I didn‘t bother to change it.

I had to pick a different set of handlebars. I love the look of the old triumph bars. Here I tried to use the clubman bars instead of flat track handlebars that are highly used with the trackers.

Now lets get to the features of the bike. The bike features a [fake] inline twin engine with a chain drive, front and rear suspensions, a kickstand followed with some details. That is about it, no fancy features at all. Everything is tend to be Simple yet effective. You may already noticed that this bike has a bitfewer lego system bricks than in my previous ones, well that is because I wanted it to be an extremely solid model, knowing how sturdy the frame already was made. That‘s why my decision was clear, if I can‘t combine both technic and system together properly, I will try to use system bricks at minimum. I think I did a good job accomplishing both of these things. With that being said, the hardest component was non other then the tank.. You may wonder why? I guess I had too much different variants of how a proper tank should look, that‘s why I had to put some time, many resources (and nerves) to get the one I felt was the right.

28784480512_9925110f01_z.jpg8051 Brat Tracker (1) by Senpai Ragnarok, on Flickr

28784480852_13313ff922_z.jpg8051 Brat Tracker (2) by Senpai Ragnarok, on Flickr

28857847236_ccaf7301ed_z.jpg8051 Brat Tracker (3) by Senpai Ragnarok, on Flickr

28784480492_1eea465f0d_z.jpg8051 Brat Tracker (4) by Senpai Ragnarok, on Flickr

28857847656_cac52af428_z.jpg8051 Brat Tracker (5) by Senpai Ragnarok, on Flickr

This is it, I‘m glad I was able to share this build with you guys.

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Clever parts usages!


I really like this motorcycle, those tires look great

Thanks a lot, yeah, those tires were the only reason why i bought the motocross bike :D

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