[MOC] F1 SPEED CHAMPIONS McLaren Honda MP4/5 & MP4/31

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Although i think the blog post highlights a problem with F1 cars and the speed champions size, F1 cars are different from each other, but the differences are too small to represent in brick form on that scale, they all end up being just a colour/sticker swap off the same model.

Doing different era cars like this works very well though, i wonder if a 312T2 is doable..

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That MP4/5 is pretty much perfect!! These two look great! I mentioned in the Speed Champions 2017 thread that if the 2017 range were up to me then one of the sets i'd have in there would be called "McLaren Honda Race Stars" These two would so be the cars included in that set!

Say, any chance of making the Brawn GP BGP001? I was a big fan of that team back in 2009!

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