[MOC] Donald Duck's House

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First of all I want to say hello to Eurobricks. After following this forum for several months now I finally decided to

registrate and share my MOCs with you awesome people.

I will start with my latest MOC: Donald Duck's House:


With this MOC I tried to translate the classic look of Donald Duck's House from the comics and cartoons into Lego

in a similar way Lego did recently with the release of "The Simpsons House".

In doing so I combined two of my favourite hobbies: Building Lego and reading Donald Duck comics.

The finished build is based on a 32x32 baseplate and ca. 18cm tall. The exterior and interior are highly detailed and full of references to the classic comics.

The roof and first floor can be removed to offer access to the interior.


The build features:

- the living room with a classic TV, a classic telephone, an armchair for Donald to sit in and a small bookshelf

- the kitchen with stove, ofen, sink, an opening fridge, and a small table

- a stairway to the upper floor

- Donald's room with bed, nightstand, small cabinet, and - of course - a heap of unpaid debts and invoices

- Huey, Dewey, and Louie's room with beds in their belonging color, a colorful carpet, a scribble of an angry Uncle Donald at the wall

and a desk full of medals from the "Junior Woodchucks"

-a garden with two trees, flowers and Donald's beloved hammock

-a garage with opening gate and fitting 313 car.


I'm hoping you like my work and I would be happy about any kind of feedback and suggestions.

Also if you like the house I would suggest to take a look at my Lego Ideas project: https://ideas.lego.com/projects/149715 . There you will find some

more pictures too.

Happy Building!


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Looks very cute! Lovely build :classic::thumbup: Also nice to see the house is build in modules, so you have easy access to everything. Very useful.

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Very nice! Quite a way to introduce yourself :grin:

If you don't mind, could you also show the interior?

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I will, the pictures aren't just ready yet unfortunately :-(. But I'm glad that you like it! Some pictures of the interior are also on the linked Ideas page ;-).

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Being a fan and collector of the classic Donald Duck stories myself, I cannot get my mouth shut again.

This is a truly great MOC! Superb!!! :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:

The only thing that's missing is the goldfish bowl in the living room... :wink:

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