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[PORSCHE] E9 Supercar

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My latest creation, and entry for the Porsche contest.

28656939096_c224f33f1c_b.jpgE9Porsche by Saberwing007, on Flickr

This model is a possible production version of the radical Mission E concept, dubbed the E9. Now, for some backstory. I started on the model roughly the week after it was announced, but I only finished 10 hours before the competition closed. As such, there are several shortcuts taken with the model, which means that the interior is not quite there, I had to omit some features I wanted to add, some pieces aren't solid, etc. But, aside from that, it looks better than I thought it would, and the chassis features worked until I added the body. Now, onto the features that actually do work.

  1. Drive, via 4 L motors, two per axle. I also used one receiver for each set of two.
  2. 2 speed gearbox, actuated by 1 M motor, and two small linear actuators. The ratios are probably a little bit close together, with gear 1 being 1:3.89, and gear 2 being 1:2.33
  3. 4 wheel steering, with two servos.
  4. Steering mode switch, with 1 M motor actuating a PF switch. Allows for four wheel steering, normal steering, and crab steering.
  5. Independent suspension on all four wheels, control arm with 2 shock absorbers per wheel. No Ackerman correction or fancy geometry here, which made it more solid, and also made the crab steering work better.

I also had a couple of features I wanted to add, but due to lack of time I could not implement them. :cry_sad:

  1. Lights
  2. Opening doors/hood/trunk
  3. Adjustable aero
  4. Panemera style rear spoiler
  5. Indicators for gearbox and steering mode.
  6. Interior with functional steering wheel.
  7. Adjustable suspension, although I actually made the decision early on to nix it, due to how the axles and suspension are set up.

Also, I made a few mistakes with the body work, and so the wheels collide with it :cry_sad: That, and there are a lot of dodgy/illegal connections, and the back end looks rather bad, like a real Panemera. Well, at least my gearbox works better than the official one, and it has more interesting suspension to boot. :devil: Well, I did learn a lot, and proved that I can still build with a deadline. On the other hand, I am probably never building a 1:8 scale car again, given how freaking ginormous this thing ended up being, and yet it still somehow ended up with not a lot of interior space for functional parts. I might take more pictures later, if you guys want it. The bodywork sucks, so I'm probably not going to include it if I make a video, but the chassis might live on, as something else... We'll see. :laugh:

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Looks good, but isbit possible to poat some more photos? The model looks very interesting, and I would love to see some more!

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