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This is Cathedral. A board game. A long time ago I made a Lego version.


Then lately I wondered if I could do it at minifig scale and started building.

I haven't nearly completed a full set yet, but I've developed a standard that others might like.


This is the basic unit. Baseplate brick and plate, just like the MILS standard. Technic connectors. Then four studs of tiles and jumpers around the outside. I've filled the middle of this one in with more tiles to make a open area.


This one has a building added. You can see it is four studs from the edge at the base, but overhangs more as it goes up. Although never outside the footprint of the baseplate.


Here is a pair of houses taking up all the space on module.


Modules don't have to be rectangles. This inn is on a corner.


Of course, the buildings don't have to be connected, here is a pair of houses with a watchtower on one side and a square on the other.


The barracks is the biggest building I have so far.

I've aimed for solid buildings with no interiors. When set up for a display the emphasis is on the street life and the city as a whole.

The modules should be easy enough for anyone to add to make a combined display and can be any size or shape as long as the sides conform to the standard.

It makes for a flatish city with narrow streets not big enough for carts, but that's an ok look I think.

I've added a whole bunch of street level shots of a display with figs to the Flickr. Click through any of the photos to see.

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Great to see it finally posted!

I will definitely bring a few modules for next years show! Send me a PM when you are organising the modules for next time. :wink:

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This is a very cool and different idea - I like it a lot! The buildings look fine as "dummies" and indeed don't need a interior in this context. It also makes sense that they don't have too much greebling going on on them, after all they are meant to be handled with. The overall footprint of the game will be pretty large though? It surely looks amazing though and fun to play! :classic: :thumbup:

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This is really nice, but you might be at it for a while... Nontheless, Cathedral is one of my favorite games and I can't wait to see the end result!

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So far, I have built about four 32x32 baseplates worth. If played as a game, one needs a space about 1.5m square and twenty five 32x32baseplates of buildings. So I'm not even 20% done.

Happily, as I mentioned. It's a reproducible standard, and a couple of others in the club have said they want to build in the standard too, so next years display should be quite a bit bigger.

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