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[MOC] Hail to the King

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Throughout his incarnations, Makuta has always been a failed ruler, secretly coveting the admiration he was never qualified to receive.

Here, he has succeeded; King Makuta, fierce defender of the people of Okoto, even at the small expense of their liberty.

Freedom is a dangerous thing. Kneel to the crown.

Been working on this guy for about a month for the Rebrick contest (technically I had a head start, but I'm going on vacation, so sue me =P). Haven't MoC'd with physical bricks since... 2010, I want to say, so a solid six years. Before CCBS.

Pretty pleased with how it turned out, all things considered; there's stuff I could blather on about, but my favorite part is the crown, which was the original design impetus and took a while to get right, but just clicked in the end.

Criticism, questions, critiques, etc. always welcome. Yes my photography is atrocious.

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This is great. I really like the patterns and colour blocking; Can't go wrong with pearl gold and dark red, it looks always regal.

The crown is fantastic, chest and hip areas well shaped and I like what you did with the feet. Asymmetrical shoulder pad is nice too. However, I think that the arms feel somewhat weak around the elbow joints, but that might be due to angle. I'd also bulk up the middle torso, as the hips are rather wide, but the cape (with works perfectly) mostly hides this issue.

I don't really like the the weapon, it seems a bit impractical. And honestly I've seen enough bordakh staves fro a lifetime.

Good luck for the contest!

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