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[K-F09] Recovery

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Location: F09

The story continue directly from The Revenant
(this was actually what I intended to do the last week but ran out of time)


23018988916_703f9c3c6f_o.jpg Ma'am, you need to rest.
19060228549_24f799372b_o.jpg I have rested long enough. I need to speak with CEO Brik before he start a war over my death.


Raven call Dr. Thomson

19060228549_24f799372b_o.jpg Doc, what's the status on Brik.
22878759185_87ffda156b_o.jpg I'm just about to start the procedure.
Please breathe deep and count back from 10.
GJOoMrqs.jpg 10...9...wait...that voice...wasn't that Raven?
22878759185_87ffda156b_o.jpg Please, continue to count, all will be known when you wake.
GJOoMrqs.jpg Raven???.....but she's suppose to be de.......zzzzzzzzz.
19060228549_24f799372b_o.jpg Ok doc, fix his legs. I need him back in service right away. He may be a little angry and confused when he wakes up but it's not like I could blame him.
22878759185_87ffda156b_o.jpg Yes Ma'am, glad you are back on your feats, even thou you really should be resting.
19060228549_24f799372b_o.jpg I'm telling you I'm fine. It wasn't that bad.


Earlier, on the 25th Junilai

23018988916_703f9c3c6f_o.jpg You where lucky.
19060228549_24f799372b_o.jpg I don't feel lucky.


23018988916_703f9c3c6f_o.jpg Your stubborn habit to wear that battle armor definitely saved your life.
19060228549_24f799372b_o.jpg And PR's persistence to only publish pictures of me in a suit might have help too.
23018988916_703f9c3c6f_o.jpg Still, your limbs and abdomens sustained heavy damage. If this had happened anywhere else where we didn't have a nearby med-bay you would have bled to death.
Even now the machine take care of half your body functions while we grow back your damaged organs.

19060228549_24f799372b_o.jpg I have been worse.

23018988916_703f9c3c6f_o.jpg Really? Your entire left side was full of shrapnel. Your left arm had to be removed. Even the armored parts like head and chest took real damage. A punctured lung, a concussion, blown out ears...
19060228549_24f799372b_o.jpg Well, my helmet was open.
23018988916_703f9c3c6f_o.jpg I told you you was lucky. A shrapnel in the head and you'd be dead.
19060228549_24f799372b_o.jpg That wasn't luck. I turned and ran for the door as soon as I noticed the honor statue was wrong.
23018988916_703f9c3c6f_o.jpg So that's why your left side took the most damage. Most people would defend themselves with the right arm.
19060228549_24f799372b_o.jpg Yeah, as if I would have had time to turn away after the explosion started.


19060228549_24f799372b_o.jpg Speaking of my damaged arm, I'm going to need a cybernetic replacement.
23018988916_703f9c3c6f_o.jpg I thought you didn't like them.
19060228549_24f799372b_o.jpg I don't, but the major drawbacks are negated or irrelevant as CEO and it would speed up the recovery significantly. Growing an entire arm, not to mention rehabilitating it, takes too long.

Doctor Thomson walked in


22878759185_87ffda156b_o.jpg You woke up earlier than expected.
19060228549_24f799372b_o.jpg I'm a morning person.
22878759185_87ffda156b_o.jpg Sure you are.

He turn to Captain Thorne.

22878759185_87ffda156b_o.jpg So, I file this under internal mater right?
23018988916_703f9c3c6f_o.jpg Yes, and I make sure word of the explosion doesn't reach media. Kawashita can't look this vulnerable.
19060228549_24f799372b_o.jpg No. Whoever did this must think he succeeded. Doc, you file that I perished and write an autopsy report. No one else can know. We tell media I died in an accidental explosion on a new ship. Just like you would if I had died.
23018988916_703f9c3c6f_o.jpg Actually, if you had died, Kawashita would just say you resigned and institute someone else. We can't look week.
19060228549_24f799372b_o.jpg Does that mean I need to be worried about what happened to Narbilu?
23018988916_703f9c3c6f_o.jpg No, he really did get ill and disappeared on Guinevere.
19060228549_24f799372b_o.jpg Right...

So now you know what really happened to Raven after the explosion. (But even thou you know, she still pretend to be dead in the story)

I also need to give a big thank you to everyone discussing death of main characters right before I started this story :thumbup: It helped a lot to sell the death scean.

The medical chamber is made out of several sections placed on top of each other (no stud locking *oh2* )
Here are all the loose sections:

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This is a great build, and an even better story! The photoshoping is really good too. What torso is that though? I don't recognize it

Edited by Mesabi

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Awesome work! She lives! Cool story developments, and some really cool figurework! The bossk torso works perfectly here!

~Insectoid Aristocrat

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I was so focused on the story when I read this that I didn't stop to notice the build! I love your med-bay, and the way you did up Raven in the tank. It's beautiful. Much better than what I put together, I must say. Bravo!

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