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As soon as I heard about the competition I started working in LDD to make the most functional and realistic representation of the legendary Le Mans racing car.

Here's what I wanted to encorporate:

- Pushrod suspension

- 6 speed sequential gerbox driven by rear wheels

- KERS with front wheel drive

- Working steering wheel

- Detailed V4 engine

- Realistic dimensions and looks

And this is what I managed to create with my limited amount of bricks:


All the functions I wanted to incorporate have been squeezed in this small 1:10 scale 47x18x12 cm model and more!

The additional features are:

- Opening doors and engine covers

- Working lights

- Double dual speed KERS gearboxes

Here's a gif to give you an idea, just how crammed everything is inside (for some odd reason the battery box and steering M motor were not rendered):


And a still picture with various color coded modules:


Getting back to the real model at hand, notice the eight working lights:


The rear covers can open, exposing the V4 engine and the KERS generator unit:


Here you can see the rear suspension and the massive spoiler with integrated lights:


I even managed to make some room for the driver's seat and the detailed working steering wheel. The orange arms with towballs are the switching paddles.


The yellow handle switches the KERS powered front FWD's gears:


Just like in the real one, the batteries are where the co-driver is suppose to sit:


And this is how the model would look like if I had all the pieces in correct colors and some custom stickers:


Oops, I meant like this :tongue:


And finally here's a short 1 minute video of the model in action:

To finish up, this has to be one of my more crammed and densest models to date. Even though its smaller than the 42039 it uses almost twice the number of pieces. This makes the car really stiff and heavy, so driving in the high speed is a bit demanding from the 2 L motors. I also had to use a different than usual approach in the rear suspension, since I wanted the car to be in 1:10 scale. This meant I had to find a way to bring wheels closer together, yet still have drive on both axles. The rear axle uses a live-axle driveline, but the wheels are independently suspended. The front wheel drive uses two 90° gearboxes to power the individual hubs. All in all I am quite happy with it, even though it uses a bit too many different colors. It's one of my prettier models, though it may not be as pretty as the competition. But one thing is sure. It doesnt get more technical and functional than this :wink:

Oh and before I forget :tongue: :


Oh and one more thing. If you are intrested the LDD file, than please wait for a few days for me to make a video on how-to use LDD in developer mode. The model was made in that mode and cannot be correctly opened in normal mode due to all the collisions.

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Amazing, I love it in these colors, good luck! :wub:

Edited by LXF

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Looks to be crammed with funtions and crazy Color scheme. Great entry for the contest!! Right at the last second too

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Great work, well done. I think this'll do very well in the competition. The very best of luck.

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Thanks for the nice replies guys! I hope "others" will like it too, would be nice to finally be succesfull when it comes to competitions :laugh: But no matter the result I've outdone myself this time.

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