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[Esl - FB1 Jul] : The Ténotclaxcans scouts

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The Ténotclaxcans scouts :

Thanks to the Doctor Gellibrand, Felipe de la Manzana managed to persuade King Azuma to send him his best jungle scouts.



The team is lead by a masked chieftain, helped in his task by 2 priests, here a man and a woman.

The team is now equiped by swords from Elysabethtown armory but the natives kept their spears too.

The throwing weapons are still the silencious bow and the poisonous dart blower. The Ténotclaxcans found them so effective they did not accept bearing flintlock pistols.

I am developping the lore of the Ténotclaxcans by creating some troops. Hope you'll enjoy this build.

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An impressive collection of islanders Faladrin, with the usual impressive headgear! The rock work and vegetation is very well done, I especially like the SNOT brown layer on the top of the grey rocks.

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