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This will be my first post to showing one of my moc:

Mercedes Actros 3248 Hooklift.


I know a lot of people know this model, from my pictures on Brickshelf.

I finished building this moc in early 2010, so it is 6 years old. Yes its very late to post here, but i think better late then never.

The truck ist pf-remote controlled with 4 functions:

- Drive by one PF-XL Motor to the rear wheels (2-Axle)

- Steering by one old-style 9V-Motor (2838c01), second axle with transmission 16:20

- Hooklift powered by one PF-XL Motor

- Boom look for tipping - loading / unloading controlled by one micro-motor (the eletric-cable can be changed for electric trailers or additional equipment

There are also some manually fuctiones / features:

- Two-speed transmission with gear ratio 1 : 1 or 1 : 3

- PF-lights in front and 9V-flashing lights on the roof working when the battery-box "on"

- Openable doors by the drivers-cabine

- Openable doors in backside by all three containers

Scale from this model is 1 : 17.

There are some more pictures in my brickshelf-gallery here: http://www.brickshel...?m=swissbagger1

And also one video on my youtube-channel:

Feel free for your comments

Kind regards

Beat Schuler (Swissbagger)

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This is a really nice truck, all the functions work amazingly, the details are really great, nice creation.

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