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Kodan Black

[O - H04] The Lab - Pt1

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Location: H04 Crofter's Ridge

Tags: Land Vehicle, Civil Building



The Major came to see me and said that my expertise was needed for a very important mission that he and his team were undertaking. I asked him what I could help with and he said that they needed me to go with them to a lab on Crofter's Ridge. I wasn't sure which lab he was referring to and he said it "wasn't one you have heard of." I explained that I was a senior executive and one of the top scientists, so I knew about all the labs and he just said "not this one."

I was a bit nervous at this, particularly knowing The Major's line of work, but he told me that good leaders "lead from the front, not behind a desk!" I certainly want to be a good leader! As we boarded the shuttle to head down to the planet's surface I couldn't help but notice that all the other team members wore heavy armor and had plenty of weapons. I asked The Major about my own armor and weaponry and he replied that we didn't know what sort of situation we were heading into and that it would be safer for me if whatever was down there thought of me as a civilian instead of a warrior. It did sort of make sense so I agreed.

Once on planet we went down an elevator with The Major's team armed and ready to roll and with me driving a small utility vehicle with tools. Once we reached the floor The Major's team went about securing the area. Which proved unnecessary since there was nothing there. Apparently we were in a kind of outer zone and one of the warriors named Cheyenne (though everyone called her Cyborg) worked at bypassing the security systems to permit us entry to the inner area. I'm not quite sure what happened to her that caused her to have the cybernetic implants, but she clearly wasn't comfortable talking about it. Even after I had asked her and she said it was from "a faraway place she would never go back to." And when I asked her where and why not she just shook her head and stayed quiet.


I have to admit it was a bit creepy being in there. There was no real sign of anyone having been there and it was not very well lit. It was eerily quiet, and though the filtration system in my helmet prevented me from smelling anything, the readout showed the air was abnormally clean. I could sense a tension among the soldiers, though The Major did his utmost to hide it. I wanted to point out again that I was an executive now and that it seemed like maybe not ideal to have me along, but I knew it was too late for that argument. They needed my scientific expertise to investigate a lab that was so top secret even I didn't know about it.

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Cool story! I wonder what is behind the door. I like your railing technique, very creative!

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