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[O-H06] The Chase Begins

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Location: Farmolis - H06

Tags: Land Vehicle

- The Return

- The Scavenge Hunt

- Requested Repairs

- Driving Home

- Meeting the Family

- New Parts


Spying guy: "Sir, your intel was correct. Something is being moved."

"Sir": "Very well, follow the shipment, comrade. The others will intercept you once you're close."

Spying guy: "Yes sir! And sir may I ask where you got that intel?!? We never get intel like this."

"Sir": "No."

Spying guy: "... yes sir, sorry sir. Going into pursuit now."


Garv: "Zaael, come in!!"


Garv: "Hello, someone come in!!"


Garv: "I am being chased by a speeder and request backup... Does anyone receive this message!?!"

The speeder:



Note: the truck has already been judged.

Edited by Zaael

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The speeder is very nice and the limited usage of terrain actually gives it more prominence -- it stands out instead of blending in! The 3 dimensionality of the vehicles also really has great impact!

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I love that speeder! Great parts usages and colour scheme! Wonderful greeble too! And the shaping is perfect. This combo of builds is totally exquisite! Your best to date in AG! Very good to have you back!

The story also is awesome! Action packed! I can't wait to see what happens next!

~Insectoid Aristocrat

Edited by Dannylonglegs

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