[MOC] 4x4 Offroad Car

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Hi Everyone.

Today I presents my 4x4 offroad car.

Technical data:

-Lenght: 30cm

-Width: 13.5cm

-Height: 16cm

-Weight: 1013g

-Driving: 1 XL motor

-Wheel steering: 1 Servomotor

-Gearbox: 1 M motor


Model has a full suspension- live axles and 2 speed gearbox:

-Low gear- ratio 1:3

-High gear- ratio 1:1

Model is not modeled on real vehicles. I tried to model be a the lightest as it possible, hence e.g. car hasn't a roof and passanger chair.


The vehicle in the terrain moving really good, but I think if I remove the differentials then it drive be better.


I look forward to yours comments :D

GALLERY: http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=565318




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This is a really fantastic creation, the gearbox is amazing, it has the perfect balance between speed and torque, and the whole vehicle seems very capable for off-roading.

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The performance is good for using differentials, it looks great also.

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