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Kodan Black

[O - H06] Firearms Training

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Location: H06 Farmolis

Tags: Land Vehicle, Civil Building



The Major expanded our training this week to include firearms. We went to a gun range and there were a large variety of weapons to practice with. The Major was there and he had 2 other instructors this time. I liked this better because unlike with the hand weapons training no one was trying to attack me. Dr. Allison seemed to want to spend most of her time getting to know one of the instructors instead of firing for some reason.


I, however, enjoyed my time shooting! I know that as a man of science my place is in the lab, but boy is there a thrill being able to fire those weapons! Even with the Major up above me yelling stuff I had a great time. He kept telling me that your weapon is your best friend out in the field. That with "one in the chamber I'm always a threat!" Once more he was yelling from a vehicle, a small personal land walker this time. I think he might be hard of hearing actually and that is why he is always yelling.



The combat shotgun was easily my favorite. It was pretty heavy and had a big kick, but boy was it enjoyable sending fire downrange. I know I'll never be spec ops, but it is nice getting out of the lab sometimes and being able to just have some fun. The one guy even offered to help me better blend in. Though it seemed like he mostly just stood in the corner with his goggles on.

Extra Pics:



More pics:

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Very nice build! I like the use of crates for the walls

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Excellent. It looks like Kodan is getting ready for some kind of invasion. ;)

Oh he is about to go on an adventure...

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Awesome build this week, Kodan! Love the gunrange I like that you gave it a bit of a ceiling. Those industrial pillars work very well there! And of course they give something for the drill sergeant's vehicle to stand on! :laugh:

The story is delightful, as usual! I eespecially liked the guy hiding in plain sight! I legitimately didn't notice him until it was pointed out! :laugh:

~Insectoid Aristocrat

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