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MOC: Iron Man 3 (2013) - Hall Of Armour, Module

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28347038422_bcaf3efee6_z.jpgIron Man 3 (2013) - Hall Of Armour, Module

Considering I've nearly collected every single LEGO Iron Man Minifigure I've decided to find a way of displaying them. The initial option was to go for the well known Hall Of Armour concept from Iron Man 3 (2013.)

With this I tried to nail as much detail from the movie modules. One notable difference is the scale and proportions. I've decided if they are going to be designed in the LEGO medium it only makes sense to have them evenly proportioned relative to a Minifigure.

Now that I have got this primary design off my chest I can move forward with a full concept to display them:

-I could simply stack several modules / units on top of each other much like the Iron Legion glimpse we had towards the end of Iron Man (2013.)

-The alternative is replicate the 'Hall Of Armour' as seen in Iron Man 3 (2013.) Including the small details seen in the 'Suit-Up' scene towards the start. The problem with this is that there is only space for five to seven armours.

Feedback and criticism is much appreciated.


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I would maybe set up the lab area with 6 suits in a semi circle with 1 in the middle on the platform thing, then maybe the wine cellar with a bunch stacked? It all up to you. :classic: Nice build too, very detailed! Hope this helps :thumbup:

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Looking at pictures of the Hall, you could go the route of collectible figures & simply arrange the minifigs. Something a bit more, take the platform/console bit from 76007 Malibu Mansion Attack then arrange the modules around that. There's, what...11 figs officially? You could put 5 side by side behind it, then 3 on the sides to balance it out.

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