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Hi everybody! Today I present to you my first experience of construction Trial Truck!



During this year I was looking for your ideal 4x4 chassis. And in the end I came to this building. In the final, which turned this freak on 4 wheels medium size range (80-82 mm).

The main idea of ​​this project was the task of the displacement of the center of gravity down and forward is not at the expense of detail, as well as the compulsory use of the portal gears on both axes for high permeability and stability of large CG.

The power installation in the form of two twin L motors located in the rear axle, where through the reduction gear torque is distributed to the axle gears back and forth, and then the rotation of spreads on all wheels through a gantry gearboxes. This arrangement limits the transverse rear axle moves up one degree of freedom. Yes, the rear wheels are posted on the obstacles, but discomfort on the track it does not deliver. Servo motor for steering is mounted on the front axle, which also lowers the CG and the sprung mass model. Power - LiPo, management - Sbrick.

Number of pieces - 875 pieces

Weight - 950 grams

More photos you can find on my flickr and blog











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very nice place and truck! :classic:

But I am not glad with rear suspenison :wacko:

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Very cool again, the performance and the look both pleasure my eyes. :thumbup:

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That is a great performance from the truck, without sacrificing the appearance. Any chance of instructions/LDD file?

Thanks to all! LXF file of Trial Truck 4x4 for Lego Digital Designer is already available! You can download it on this page



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