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Toa Krakt and Arva the Ghost

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Haven't posted here in a while since I've fallen out of Bionicle with the 2016 sets, but I really wanted to share this. There's a bit of a history with this duo. Krakt started out as a joke, making a Toa entirely out of the infamously brittle lime green socket parts to tempt fate. Hence his name. It started as a very simple Inika-based design with a bog-standard build. I came up with a simple backstory for him, again, revolving around the joke that a MOC like this was not long for this world. But I actually kinda got attached to the idea of an elderly Toa, so I improved him a bit and made him a friend out of whatever parts I had on hand.

Fast forward like a year and many, many revisions later and the two are far more complex and thoughtfully designed. Krakt is still at his core an Inika-inspired build, which fits in with his mundane origins as just another run-of-the-mill Toa. But his proportions were tweaked, especially the torso, I added detail like the filled in limbs and overall just defined the body shape. His fake arm is intentionally HF to make it stand out as artificial and not entirely sophisticated. Arva is a unique torso build, half system half technic, with a Mixels ball joint in the neck. Really neither are anything super special, just fancy builds of mundane designs, with a little history to them.





A little bit of backstory on them:

Arva is actually a she, and even though she's a supposed Fe-Matoran, her armour has morphed to black. This is because she's a misplaced Av-Matoran from the time slip, who's camoflauge abilities reacted on reflex, and because she doesn't fit in and doesn't remember who she was and why she's different, she wants to escape the universe to find out why. (believing her answers to be outside the dome walls around the islands and continents) She's cynical, and has already discovered clues about the Universe's workings, which leads her on a crusade for the truth. Bordering on conspiracy theorist.

Krakt meanwhile is an old Toa who's spent thousands and thousands of years guarding his home island, but said island is entirely peaceful and not really in need of protection, and he has fallen to disrepair and is unappreciated by his Matoran charges, who take him for granted. He likewise feels abandonned by the Great Spirit when he feels he's meant for more, and is questioning it's infallibility and the meaning behind the three virtues. The Turaga of his village, who was a friend when they were both Matoran, lied to him about his destiny, as he recieved a vision thousands of years ago that Krakt was to leave the island and never return, and has been haunted by the deception. Eventually the Turaga gives in and tells Krakt when he himself becomes unable to bear what he believes is a pointless existence. Krakt sets out to fulfill his overdue destiny and encounters Arva, and the two agree to partner up until they reach the relative safety of the Northern Continent, all the while butting heads over who's right about their "destiny."

Adventure ensues. tounge.gif


Thanks for looking!

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