Big Sal

[M - C03] Prisoner Record S4C03

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Location: C03 Torresta



28370643345_62feea9255_o.jpgChief Accountant Long! We weren't expecting you! Sorry about the annual finance report - we're almost-

18844478949_7e014b02f9_o.jpgI'm not here about that. I'm here for the prisoner. What's the situation?

28370643345_62feea9255_o.jpgUh... well she works as a mechanic here at the station. We caught her hacking into the police database early yesterday morning. There's no way she should have had the access codes that she did, it's impossible. Since we arrested her, whenever anyone tries to talk to her she just says something about cobwebs then asks for Big Sal. That's why we requested he come here...


18844478949_7e014b02f9_o.jpgSal is... indisposed currently. I've come instead. Take me to see the prisoner.

28370643345_62feea9255_o.jpgUh, yes ma'am!


28370643345_62feea9255_o.jpgHere she is.

18844478949_7e014b02f9_o.jpgThank you captain. Leave us.

28370643345_62feea9255_o.jpgUm... OK...


18844478949_7e014b02f9_o.jpgDo you know who I am?

27754154304_f1c7eeae92_o.jpgDid the Council ever find all the cobwebs?


27754154304_f1c7eeae92_o.jpgThen like I told the rest of these idiots, I'll only talk to Big Sal.

18844478949_7e014b02f9_o.jpgSal is on the verge of death with Marphacian Swamp Fever. He can't talk to anyone, let alone you. So tell me how you got those access codes.


27754154304_f1c7eeae92_o.jpgHahaha, it doesn't matter! Sal doesn't matter! The webs are everywhere! You'll see soon enough!

18844478949_7e014b02f9_o.jpgWhat? I suggest you tell me what you know voluntarily. The other options will be... unpleasant for you.

27754154304_f1c7eeae92_o.jpgHahaha, I'll be dead soon anyway. They can get to me in here or wherever you take me. We are everywhere!

18844478949_7e014b02f9_o.jpgWho? Who is everywhere?



18844478949_7e014b02f9_o.jpgThis is a waste of time.


28370643345_62feea9255_o.jpgDid she say anything?

18844478949_7e014b02f9_o.jpgNothing that made any sense. I need to talk to Sal.

28370643345_62feea9255_o.jpgI thought you said-

18844478949_7e014b02f9_o.jpgGet that finance report to me by the morning.


Thanks for reading! This is a remake of my favourite childhood town set, 6398 Central Precinct HQ. Sorry about the slightly crappy photos - I didn't really have time for this! More in the spoiler.




Edited by Big Sal

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I like it! And the photos look great too, don't know what you're talking about. :classic:

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Always great to see Chief Accountant Long, just as irritable as usual. :grin:

The story developments are very interesting. I'm watching this impressive-in-scope colab with great anticipation! The way all the Mantis builds are on the same page all contributes to an air of forbidding and danger. I wonder what revelations will emerge next!

The build, as always, is smooth and clean. Lovely. Great Mantisified police station! I'll be honest, the police/firefighter stations never appealed to me as a kid, but you've done them justice here, and produced a great result!

~Insectoid Aristocrat

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Very well done mister Sal! The way you MANTISified the police station is phenomenal! I like it a lot! :classic:

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