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[MOC] Luke's Landspeeder Microfighter

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Hi everyone!

I created this little landspeeder for the first round of the MOC-Olympics over at Imperium der Steine.

There isn't really that much to it as it is so small. Using the yellow skinned Luke wasn't my first choice but I am actually glad that I couldn't find the newer version. The landspeeder reminds me of the original 1999 set much more with the yellow figure.

(I wouldn't mind finding the other minifig now though.. "You can come out now, Luke! The pictures are taken, you're safe!" )

Anyway, while I go and look for that minifig you can have a look at the landspeeder and please feel free to leave a comment! :)


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It looks absolutely adorable. Very elegant building! Though I am not sure about the choice of colours. I might have gone for more modern colour scheme, like in the cantina set from 2014. Apart from that, I wouldn't change a single piece :classic: :thumbup:

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Perfect build, brick count and complexity fit microfighters beautifully.

As stated above, I would consider some reddish colors instead, otherwise it is spot on!

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