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[MOD] 10252 Creator Expert Volkswagen Beetle

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I think I finally have the final MODs,


* Front end lowered 2 plates using Averagejoey's mod.

* White-Out (replace all "Chrome" (read light blueish gray) with white

* Removed the VW logos on bonnet.

* Dark Brown dash, steering wheel

* The "Chrome" housing for tail lights color matched body to Dark Azure

* Close up the hole in front of gas tank

* Tried to clean up colors inside front bonnet.

* "Shaved" front turn signals (a real life mod would install turn signals inside headlight assembly)

* Removed the jumper on the engine cover for the extra licence plate.

* Dropped the Dark Azure one plate lower on doors, and under rear windows. The "factory" light blueish gray stripe wasn't even across the side of the car. Now that line is.

* Thinned up the front bumper one plate

* Changed out the 1X2 plates for 1X2 wedges under front of the bonnet.

I think I got everything...








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Looks cool. I was planning this too, but my white parts haven't arrived yet. I'm not sure if I'll be patient enough.

I also wanted to lower it a little and use smaller wheel/tires, but after building the frame and axles I can see that may be challenging.

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Fixed the issue, by adding

- 1x 4211580
- 3x 4211658
- 1x 4211394

Replacing part 4211393 under steering wheel


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Yes, I agree with you, you've got everything right. If you don't mind I may well borrow a few of your ideas for my 'bug. Great work :thumbup:

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