[MOC] Heavily Modified LEGO IDEAS Ecto-1

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I felt this warranted a separate topic since I have completed my Ecto-1 modification. When I first bought Ecto-1 I was excited that it became an official set, but lacked many of the qualities I remember from the film. Flails did a beautiful rendition of the car in June 2014 and gave away the LDD file on his site. I rebuilt the interior and heavily modified his file to suite my needs. From his interior appearance I would say its about 70% his design, but I wanted several things shown from the film inside this car.

Major Improvements:

1. Roof rack. I used Brickarms' Monopod, two U-Clips, Brick Train's 1-N Ladder, and a cut down LEGO bar to achieve a more accurate depiction. I wish the Ladder was smoother and not 3d Printed. Maybe I will find time to cut LEGO Ladders and glue them together to make this better.

2. The front driver's seat includes a nice slope bench seat as did the old cadillac.

3. I also reworked the floor and computer terminal in the back seat area to fit the actual echo-1.

4. All new front headlights build. I wanted the tires and lights sit the way you see them in the film. Closer to the front.

5. The structure inside the car underneath the seats and trunk were completely reworked so it was stronger.

6. One of the most notable differences are on the rear tail fins. I am quite proud of making these 4 studs long instead of 3 studs. I understand why LEGO did it since there are tires behind them, but with slight changes on the structure, the 4 stud wedge plates look much closer to the sleek ambulance.

7. Blue hose modification. I use two white Brickarms U-Clips and a cut down flex cable.

8. Everything is now Chromed

What I may do now that I have all my parts, cut down the red bars on the roof and make it 2 studs long.

You can download the final LDD file here


You can see the rest of the album here on my new flickr page:


28308450555_bb692af774_b.jpgLEGO Echo-1 Mod by Chris Ehnot, on Flickr

28274197586_882f080878_b.jpgLEGO Echo-1 Mod by Chris Ehnot, on Flickr

28308450825_6a4f2911de_b.jpgLEGO Echo-1 Mod by Chris Ehnot, on Flickr

28229751431_15fe618e51_b.jpgLEGO Echo-1 Mod by Chris Ehnot, on Flickr

28308450785_d8e0bf68cb_b.jpgLEGO Echo-1 Mod by Chris Ehnot, on Flickr

28229756661_91ee96e2d8_b.jpgLEGO Echo-1 Mod by Chris Ehnot, on Flickr

28308452195_0b93aa22cc_b.jpgLEGO Echo-1 Mod by Chris Ehnot, on Flickr

28229756451_2e5faef1b9_b.jpgLEGO Echo-1 Mod by Chris Ehnot, on Flickr

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Only new thing I am doing to it is making 1 stud wide gray bars so you don't see a 4stud bar going across the top of the roof to hold up those blue lights in the front and the back. I am asking one of the chrome dealers if they can cut down a bar to 1 stud and chrome them. I also am asking them to chrome my wheel covers for the speed champions, so I can swap out the painted ones I did for the set.

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