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Adeel Zubair

MOC: Ghostbusters, Ecto-1 (Mighty Micro)

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Presenting my LEGO Mighty Micro interpretation of the Ghostbusters (1984) Ecto-1!

28243767975_c0d42d0e84_z.jpgGhostbusters, Ecto-1 (Mighty Micro) by Adeel Zubair

This recreation of the Ecto-1 as a Mighty Micro was quite simple to design. It's ironic that the back of the model is the highlight of the whole model. I'm pretty sure you can guess what pieces were used at the front.

NB - I didn't post a main photo of this MOC as it was a rather dull photograph, I attempted it several times and it just wasn't working. Thankfully the back came out perfectly! It's perspective and angle looks quite Chibi and comical with the right side wheels getting pressed into the ground as the Ecto-1 comes in to action!

More Mighty Micros:

Feedback and criticism is much appreciated.


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This is brilliant! As soon as the proper mighty micro wheelguard comes out in white, it would look nice for it to replace the current one, brilliant idea!

Saw this on Twitter - it's awesome! I'd love to see the front.


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