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(note: the first picture is a recycled picture only serving story purpose)

26008877794_9221151f0f_c.jpg (recycled picture)

Somewhere in Breshaun, everday business was going on. An older guy with an oddly brown beard and poor clothes went to the MAESTRO Cider shop at the quays.

"Greatings monsieur N'estpassivieux, how are you doing today?"

"Ah, excellent eh, oui yes, but too bad it will be my last applecider I'll drink in my life"

"How it comes? You are our most loyal client!"

"Ah oui yes, I should not say it, but as I am older, I don't have so much longer to live. And see, I got a cousin in Mardier, and the higher class in Mardier spent their last days in a Spa. Something about a white volcano It makes them feel younger. But only Marderians are supposed to know."

"Really too bad, we'll miss you... Anyway, enjoy the applecider and your holiday there!"

At the same time monsieur N'estpassivieux left, a messenger left and took a quick Skiff to Elysabethtown.


A few days later, around miday, The Prince of Stedor arrived at an island with a white volcano. It wasn't that hard to find once you knew what to search for...


(note, this seriously is not LEGO... It is to illustrate the island and the inspiration for the following pic which is LEGO and is my story build.)



"A Mardierian flag, this should be the right spot", Jan Zwartbaard whispered to his Lieutenant once they set foot on the land. They found a perfect spot to hide the Prince of Stedor and the troops stationed on it.

"I don't like the symbol of Zeus as flagpole" the Lieutenant replied.

Strange indeed...


But the explanation came quickly as the exploring party arrived at the so hyped Fountain of Youth.

"Welcome to the Fountain of Youth Spa, Please register here, leave your money and weapons there, change your clothes wherever you want and start relaxing!" A beauitull woman welcomed the explorers.

Jan Zwartbaard was stunned for a moment. Such a beauty!! But then the Lieutenant woke him up from daydreaming and pointed to some red cloaked figures on top of a small hill.

The lady saw them looking and wondering, so she said: "That's Lord Father Toleau. He discovered this island and made this wonderfull Spa Resort out of it."

"What's the secret of this island?"

"Well, the rich and famous from Mardier are enjoying the end of their life here. As we got everything in this Spa and they may do everything here, added with the healing atmosphere of the White Volcano, they feel young again. Ofcourse they don't live forever, but at least, they die feeling young..."


Meanwhile Lord Father Toleau arrived at the scene as well, accompanied with two red cloaked guards.

"Ah Eslandolan friends... As good tradepartner of Mardier, you are welcome to take a rest here, but we fear you are too young to stay here..."

"Weren't you an Oleon priest?"

"Oh yes, but after I discovered the island, Mardier offered me the most power and wealth, so now this a Mardierian Colony."

Jan Zwartbaard knew enough.... Lord Father Toleau didn't know there was war between Eslandola and Mardier... He didn't know YET...

He looked to his Lieutenant and nodded...

What a beautifull addition to the MAESTRO empire...

To be continued...


Wow, such a difficult built as it is completely SNOT...

But I am very happy with the result!

C&C welcome!!


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Nice entry !

I like the concept of the SPA ! And great white sand !

Good job !

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Interesting take on the legend, Father Tholeau's guards look rather intimidating though for a resort!

On a serious note the SNOT ground was well worth the effort - great job.

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You've definitely put some story-thoughts into that, I really like your approach. Also the MOC itself is very well done, great job!

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Of all the fountain challenge stories I have read so far, I think this is the best, makes the fountain seem actually believable rather than magical. And leaves the end hanging as well...I guess we might hear more of this story at some point? And the characters round the pool made me laugh; great chocie! It really looks like Olympus.

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Cool technique for the landscaping, Maxim, and amusing story - the idea of a wellness spa is quite inspired.

And as ever, Maestro is trying to use it to its own advantage! :P ;)

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