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[M-F03] Fun on Farmolis

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Location: F03 Forring

Tags: Minifig on a plate with a wall :laugh:


26433847563_b04fb45fef_s.jpg - It is sure good to see you again Chogg! I love your new space yacht. Can't say the name is that great though. Who's idea was it to name it the Farmolis. You have sure come a long way since your internship with me.

26433848123_4d8235edff_s.jpg - Chogg owes you a lot. Choggs missed you too. Chogg bought it at a used space yacht dealership. Have you heard the news about agent Raven? Chogg has overheard Kawashita talking. They think you did it.

26433847563_b04fb45fef_s.jpg - Yes I have heard. We need to go have a chat with the General. Chogg I need you and Agent L and Rob to have my back when we meet with her.

26433848123_4d8235edff_s.jpg - Chogg will call them up.

26433847563_b04fb45fef_s.jpg - Thanks Chogg you are a good friend.

Thanks for looking. This is my build for the Officially Unofficial MANTIS Minifig on a Plate Week. I also moved to a new house this week so there isn't much to it. I'll be back to normal in a week or two. :grin:

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That explains the Farmolis comment! :laugh:

Oh noez! Chogg is a turncoat! :cry_sad:

Love the story and character developments. This is gonna go bad real soon....

~Insectoid Aristocrat

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Good story and mining next to a wall....and they are still on a plate. :sweet:

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