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Col. Brik

[K-C06] Procession

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Mission: Procession

Tags: Kawashita, Hyreal C-06,

Aboard the "Honor", the halls and hangars are lined with Kawashita personnel who stand silent as the casket carrying their CEO travels to its final destination. As it moves through the halls every fig stands in salute to a fallen comrade, leader and family fig.


Each fig silently thinks their own thoughts and wonders what the future of the corporation will be. Can the new CEO handle the enormous responsibility cast upon him?


As it nears the airlock, which will allow the casket to cast off into deep space, the last fig in line is the new CEO, Col. Brik


One final pause, and a speech. "May Raven travel the universe in the place she now resides. Be it a eternal life beyond what we know or in our memories."


And she is gone.


Sir, may I have a word?

Now is not the appropriate time, Doctor.

But...well, your legs sir, I have a solution, you can walk again.

I'm listening.



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Awesome job. A tragic farewell. Reminds me of that one thing that happened in those Startreck movies.... :look: Nice build, and nice plot developments! Great work! :sweet:

~Insectoid Aristocrat

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Wait, where's his mech-suit?

For more formal gatherings the hover chair is easier to use. The Mech suit for "combat" or work related events.

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