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Fool Friends - a game like memory (a very little)

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as promised, this is the game.

On 64 playcards you will find 32 couples. Each couple has only one tile in common, and this tile has to be at the exact right position and in the exaxt right colour. To be sure that you have found the right position, mind the blue dot each playcard has in its frame. This blue dot has to be at the same postion to make playcards comparable. May an example will help you? Look for the to playcards in G 2 and in H 8. If you turn them "in head" both in the position "bottom right", you will find the 1x4 light blue tile in the same position. As a result: a good friend. But there are a lot of fool friends on the table, as you can imagine now, right?

Because the picture's qualitiy is poor, it could be difficult for you to find all couples, especially those with printings and those in chrome gold or golden colour, so you should not do so. Take this as an introduction of my work and fun I have on exhibitions. I'm afraid it's necessary to play this live and not on a screen. The sense is to invite passaging people to spend time with a funny "hide-and-seek"-game at any time and in any language. It's a job for kids and adults as well, and in Switzerland there was a family of 4 who spent about 45 minutes to find all couples -and they refused any help! The thing is this: The less playcards are on the table, the more difficult it is to find the rest ...




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