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[M - C04] Patient Record L8C04

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Location: C04 Aeristus


Patient Record: L8C04

Patient Number: 8224(M)

Facility: The Narbilu Exotic Diseases Centre, Aeristus

Leading Practitioner: Dr Ando

2318h 10 Junali 3816

Patient transferred from M.A.N.T.I.S. facility in critical condition with advanced case of Marphacian Swamp Fever. Emergency treatment begun immediately.

0430h 11 Junali 3816

Patient stabilised for now after hours on the verge of death. We’re all experienced with Marphacian Swamp Fever; indeed Kawashita built the Exotic Diseases Centre on Aeristus primarily to treat the personnel stationed on Marphacia. But none of us have seen a case this bad since those terrible first weeks before we developed the treatments. Hopefully the patient will survive until morning. There’s nothing more we can do for now.

1021h 11 Junali 3816

Condition stable.

1347h 23 Junali 3816

Patient beginning to show signs of recovery after almost two weeks with no improvement. Nurses report he began vocalising this morning, which indicates the hallucination stage of recovery is starting.

1819h 26 Junali 3816

Patient’s hallucinations appear to be fairly mild, which may be a good sign, or may just reflect how little energy he has after weeks of suffering. According to nurses, he mostly mumbles incoherently about webs and spiders.

0700h 30 Junali 3816

No change in condition.

1553h 05 Julali 3816

No change in condition. Fever shows no sign of breaking. Patient continues to ramble about spider webs.

0246h 10 Julali 3816

Patient’s condition has deteriorated during the night. Fever has worsened. Patient became extremely distressed and appeared to believe he was being eaten alive as part of a giant plate of ‘larvae salad’. Is alternately terrified about being eaten and furious about salad leaves ‘ruining perfectly good larvae’. Became so violent that he had to be heavily sedated.


Thanks for reading! C&C welcome!

I can't remember if anyone's made this joke before but... minifig on a plate :grin: Hopefully it will score more than a 1...


Anyway, it explains Big Sal's absence over the past month or so. Things continue to be very busy for me IRL but I hope to get back to posting more regularly soon :classic:

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I love it! An extra large larvae salad, very funny. Not your typical mining on a plate. :laugh:

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Wow, Sal has some pretty strange dreams! This is awesome, and such a unique take on a "minifig on a plate".

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Funny that MANTIS decided to launch their "Fig on a Plate week this week. I was actually just thinking of "unique takes on" Figs on Plates the other day... just before I saw this build! :laugh:

As always Sal, your build is delightfully humorous, well designed and constructed, and well photographed! Kudos for using the black UFO sloped parts in this manner! very creative! Also, great job getting the MANTIS colours in there too! :grin:

~Insectoid Aristocrat

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...and furious about salad leaves ‘ruining perfectly good larvae’.

I almost didn't even see Sal in there at first! Major NPU on those dragon necks and tails, and the photography is superb!

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