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Kodan Black

[O - H06] Speeder - Long Range Prototype

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Location: H06 Farmolis

Tags: Land Vehicle, Civil Building



After having a bit of a break I got back into work by helping Dr. Allison with a new speeder prototype. It was designed to be used as a long range exploration speeder for our explorer teams. It has a larger cargo capacity for more consumables and heavier lifting engines to handle the heavier load. While not designed as a high velocity speeder it can achieve very quick speeds and has a large energy output capability so it can be used to power a small encampment when needed. The underside has an armored skid and the seating area features armored plates to protect against foliage or more malicious threats. It isn't a full military vehicle, but with so many unknown alien threats this speeder should be very capable and help keep our people safe.

Dr. Allison had been working on fixing the little issues she had been made aware of during testing and I was happy to help out. ED-208 kept insisting he could fix it, but all he wanted to do was use the giant sledgehammer. I doubted that even his robotic capabilities were enough to use that with precision.

The prototype lab itself was a very impressive facility. Dr. Allison had modified it some to make it more in line with her personal decor tastes which isn't standard Octan practice, but I thought that Dr. Long would approve since it did seem to foster a stronger work ethic. I also like to allow people a bit of discretion when possible as it empowers them and gives them a sense of pride and ownership. I'm not saying to allow people to go crazy, I'm not pombe! But some minor personal touches do statistically prove out to be beneficial in helping an employee blur the lines a bit between work and personal time thus generally leading to more hours spent at work. Of course I'm sure many employees are like me and do plenty of work when away from the office also. The wonderful part of being so connected everywhere is that I can be out to dinner or at a park and still able to do work!



Extra Pics:

Side Note: I think this lab is my most "complete" facility build yet.





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Lovely lab!

Dr. Long would be proud by how dedicated Kodan is to improving the work environment in Octan. A happy worker is a productive worker, after-all...

The walls and greeble are lovely, and the speeder prototype is also excellent! Another fun and enjoyable Kodan build!

My one critique (and it's very minor) is that I'm not sure about the dome piece in the corner. I'd think the build might look better without it, but I might be wrong. :blush: It just looks kinda extra.

Great work!

~Insectoid Aristocrat

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I didn't have a corner slope piece, so I put in some 1/4 round pieces which then I had no way to smooth out like the tiles on the top, so I put in the 1/4 dome piece. I do tend to build myself into a corner, sometimes even literally. :wink:

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I really like the detail in the wall. The speeder is very nice, too, I like how you made the doors.

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