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Current and correct ldraw.xml for exporting

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Hi all!

I want to export from LDD to LDraw. LDD uses an ldraw.xml file to do the exporting. This files holds part name mapping and transformation information.

I've tried to search on several places but all conversion files are very imprecise (position errors) and have some common parts (like panels) rotated totally wrong. Is there a "good" version at all, or how do you guy convert LDD files to mlcad files? I've searched on this forum too, but the only thing I could find is a guy, who corrected some mistakes one-by-one but the resulting corrected file is not posted in that thread (I think this thread is in the Section Index too).

LDD version:4.3.9

MLCAD version: 3.40

I started to add some missing parts and correct some mistakes and when I realized that pretty much all parts have to be checked because pieces are +-0.5 ldraw unit off from each other. Or is it not even caused by the conversion file but LDD itself does the export this imprecisely?

Thanks for any comments in advance and I will post the corrected conversion file however far I will get with it.

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I modify my ldraw.xml from time to time, when I spot an error. I intended to make it public or something but didn’t get around to actually do it :shame:

You can find the latest version here:

It includes ldraw unofficial parts to match some of the new bricks in 2075.

I included Shutterfreak’s modifications (but I did not test all of them).

I also tried to correct old parts that were renamed/moved in ldraw.

As for variants, I try to use the more accurate or, at least, the most recent ones (the ones that are easier to find and cheaper).

Recently, I also “corrected” the colors (not an easy task, all sources don’t agree on everything; but that’s generally for rare colors or even colors not available in LDD, so it should be okay).

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If your version is maintained, you could open a proper topic here to share it.

I'll index it in the section index, so it will be easy to find.

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(Not easy when the browser crash at the last minute…)

Edit: Oh, I got an LDD Builder badge. Thanks!

Edited by SylvainLS

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