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[O - H06] Checkpoint Charlie

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Location: H06 - Farmolis

Tags: Civil, Building, Land Vehicle


"Welcome to Checkpoint Charlie. Please state your purpose and provide identification."


"Jebediah O'Reilly, bringing a tanker of Awesomenium for Dr. Kodan Black."

"Yes, you're scheduled right here. Dr. Black is expecting you. Retinal scan checks out... you may proceed."


"Have a nice day."



It's been a while since I posted something... it's good to be back!

C&C welcome, as always. :classic:

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Nice build! The snot is effective here to make up the road, and the grass is well constructed.

The gate is nice and corporate in appearance, and the guard structure is a really nice touch. Very well thought out. The lamps are a nice detail as well.

The guard tower could benefit from some tiles on top.

I'm not too keen on the truck though. Mostly the front. It seems a bit bare there, and might benefit from doors or something. Maybe a grate to cover the bricks. Perhaps some guard rails or something. Either way, it fulfills it's purpose, and when it's in the landscape it's harder to tell that some parts seem missing. :classic:

Great work! Great to see you back in action!

~Insectoid Aristocrat

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