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Truly impressive MOC... I can imagine this thing is pretty big in the flesh but nothing feels like it's been done just to add scale.

I love the teddy bear on Dick' side of the bed too!

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I like it...and I don't. There is definitely a lot of appeal to it, but something seems off. I don't know what.

I do like the scale. It works well with the poles to the batcave, for MOC purposes. The cave itself has a lot of neat features of course.

I like the idea of having the house above the cave, instead of how the official set is, so if I ever pick it up I will definitely be MOCing it myself. I had an idea involving a hinged opening system. But mainly because I don't have a lot of display space to keep something large open all of the time.

The house looks pretty solid overall. I don't love the grassy hill or the rockwork. It seems too busy/less natural. But just one man's opinion.

I bet this will do well at LEGO shows/conventions if you were to take it.

Keep up the good work.

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