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Ok, for some reason Brickshelf won't let me log in.  I've created two separate accounts, but it still isn't working.  Also, it won't send me password retrieval or confirmation e-mails.  I'll keep trying, though.

Mischa, the offer still stands, if you send me your e-mail address in a private message, I'll send you the file.


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So almost exactly four years later!

I have FINALLY completed another MOC ship, and it's this one.

This build was a tremendous pain in the rear.  As far as playability goes, this set is about a -3/10.  Pretty much everything is unstable.  The masts fall over on their own (I need to put rods in them, but even then they'll be in several sections.  Maybe someday I'll add some rigging to see if that stabilized it), the hull is flexible, and the decks have to either sit higher than I'd like, or the hull shape goes to crap.  It's not exactly 100% complete, but the six parts I still need that I somehow mis-ordered are minor enough for me to post this.  In all honesty, in person it doesn't look nearly as impressive as I'd imagined, either.  It's definitely one for looking at, rather than playing with.

Complaining about my own work aside, I've finally cleared away all of the loose parts that were waiting for me to get the last of the pieces, and the ship is done, adding one more to my merchant fleet.

So without further ado, ladies, gentlemen, and redcoats, I give you the as of yet unnamed, HM Bark Endeavor copy!





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