[MOC]Iron Man - Hall of Armors

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Because I can't present it on an exhibition this year, I show you my version of the Iron man's Hall of Armors. It may have some further improvements but it's almost done.



From the bottom left : Mk 5 - Suit Case Armor, Mk 6, Mk 7, Mk 35 - Red Snapper, Mk 37 - Hammerhead, Mk 39 - Starboost / Gemini, Mk 45 - Bleeding Edge, Iron Legion


Mk 44 - Hulkbuster


From the bottom left : Mk 17 - Heartbreaker, Mk 22 - Hot Rod, Mk 30 - Blue Steel, Mk 32 - Silver Centurion, Mk 40 - Shotgun, Mk 42, Mk 43, War Machine Mk2, Iron Patriot


Any new armors foreseen ?


Pepper Potts ready to help !

I miss the last armors from the Civil War sets that I will buy this month.

Comments are welcomed ! :classic:

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I think that this looks awesome. Light-bluish grey is my favorite Lego color and I really like how you mixed studs with tiles. Your use of blue glass really pops with the flooring and all those fancy wires going into the Hulk-Buster makes it look like a force to be reckoned with!

One small note is that it's really cool how you made the suit pods (for lack of a better word) modular. You could just make them and add them whenever you want. That's pretty clever.

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Thanks a lot ! You're right, the modular building is done to be adjusted regarding the next armors that will be sold by Lego when the next Avengers Movies will arrive.

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