[ESL-FB2] The School Stage - Salida Este

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Location: Salida Este

The Children of the Salida Este School were putting on a play about a great hero of Eslandola's fight to rid the Island of Ferro Azure of pirates once and for all. It may have been slightly fictitious, since no Pirates have ever been reported on the Island, regardless everyone was having a great time. And Thunder-Rod had come to town to sell fish today, so he was narrating.


"The Young Captain Wyndzon forced the dread pirate No-Beard up the steep hill. There would be no escape for the Slippery fox this time."



The story in this build is about the esteemed uncle of our leader Guy K Wyndzon. As far as we know he has never actually been to Salida Este. C&C Welcome! To be licensed as a small Arts and Culture.

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I really like the shape of the base here! Great use of those hammers as well. And cool idea to feature some of Uncle's exploits when in his younger days! Hmm... I just might have to do a series off that... !

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Excellent stairs and great use of those hammers, Umbra, and the odd shape of the base and the lanterns are great as well! :thumbup: Really cool minifigures too (does that pirate shirt on the boy actually exist? Quite awesome regardless!) pirate_wink.gifpirate_satisfied.gif

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