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[HELP] Finding Fishertechnik Traktor Tyres

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I hope that somebody can point me in some direction

on how to buy those tractor tyres from fishertechnic in Denmark or even Sweden or Norway ?

I have already tried to order them from Germany, but the shipping cost are to hi for me over 25 euros !!!

The tires them self is a ok price but not the shipping .

And what kind to buy, i wouild like to order the big ones, i think those are the 80 and the 60 type.

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I ordered mine from in Russia. The shipping was appropriate to USA. RM8 was helpful in the process so you might try that route.

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This is how the page look like when i use google translate on my browser.


it is not possible for me to click on the order button for some reason,

i hope that RM8 will get in touch with me so that i can order those tires.


Some browser or plugin versions have troubles with site

write me to p.m. your full addres, name, phone. I will place order for you and send you all info to mail.

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