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1960's Anglia 105-E - 4841 / 41101 / 4728 inspired MOC

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This model was inspired by two Harry Potter sets numbered 4841 (Hogwarts Express, 4th Edition) & 4728 (Escape from Privet Drive) plus a single Friends set number 41101 (Heartlake Grand hotel) to create this single vehicle type, the 1960's Ford Anglia 105-E. This isn't my first time creating this car, but it is my first time reworking the model so heavily.... usually I follow the same pattern set forth from this model:


This is from way back in June 2007.


And this is from today. Unfortunately, the only colors you can build this car in is white or black. To keep it visually interesting, the black car has white furnishings, while the white car has a dark bluish gray interior.


The front of the car features headlight styling cues from Heartlake Grand Hotel's Taxicab, while retaining the grille work of set the Weasely's Anglia from the Hogwarts Express set. I also added hinge plates to the sides by the doors to represent mirrors.


The rear of the car has the trunk design from 4728's version of the same flying car from the 2002 Chamber of Secrets set line. Oh, and the bumper features a license plate and tailpipe.


The model features two off-center seats for mini-figures (two can fit in the car), opening trunk with plenty of luggage space, and two opening doors.

Here is the LDD file for both the white and black model cars: http://www.moc-pages...1467244397m.lxf

Comments, Questions, and complaints are always welcome, as I would love feedback on the models.

Thanks in advance!



Here is a picture of an actual Anglia for reference, taken from Wikipedia. Here is the link to it's wiki page:

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Nice work! Looks quite realistic. :classic:

Thanks! I added a picture of a real Anglia to the first post so you can see what it's based on.

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Front lights saved its shape - looks very nice! Can't use the LDD now, so can you tell me, what is behind minifigs back? Didn't see it at photos.

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