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Kodan Black

[O - TECH] Awesomnium Alloy

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FARMOLIS CITY, Farmolis (Junali 29, 3816) — The premiere corporation in Andromeda's Gates is pleased to announce an exciting scientific advancement in the usage of Awesomnium.

Thanks to the hard work of all Octan employees and robotic assistants the Octan corporation has made a technological breakthrough in the usage of Awesomnium by creating a new Awesomnium alloy. This fantastic metal will decrease weight, increase energy efficiency and greatly improve the daily lives of humanity! The fantastic new alloy allows for vast increases in tensile strength at a tremendous weight savings, enabling thinner metal that is as strong or stronger than current alloys.

The great scientists for Octan were able to make this stunning progress through the discipline of their leadership and vision of their stellar employees. Like everything that Octan does, this achievement has to be seen as a victory for humankind.

For those interested in helping Octan continue to better the lives of people daily, please click here!



About Octan

The glorious Octan corporation has been in existence for as long as Legokind has needed power. Everything from oil to batteries, through to giant space-station powering supra-photonic-awesomnium generators, Octan has you covered.

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The premiere Corporation indeed! :grin:

I love it! This build is exactly what we needed! Not too extravagant, but still requiring effort and thought. The greeble on the back is especially good! Love the beams and rods. It looks very sciency!

Also, I love how this is presented as a propo-piece! Very interesting way to display it!

Wonderful work all around, and thanks for building our Tech Build!

Indeed, the greebling is great!

I assume you're talking about yourself?

~Insectoid Aristocrat

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