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MOC: LL 612 FireMoth

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After many years of peaceful exploration, by the end of the 24th century OrionBlu’s need for defense craft became more and more evident as the insidious Blacktron Corporation used its muscle to drive OrionBlu out of its most lucrative mining and research operations. Very hesitant to invest in what it believed to be military grade craft, OrionBlu’s CEO Bennett Carville hired defense contractors, including the now infamous Forge Group, to protect their interests in the most vital remaining ventures. The defense contractor move was a major disaster for OrionBlu as many of the defense contractors’ ships were overmatched by newer, sleeker Blacktron interceptors leading to abandonment upon the mere sight of a Blacktron raiding party.


While a full squadron of Blue Jackets could take down an assault cruiser, OrionBlu recognized the need to deliver faster results to protect mining project and transports. In order to hold the fire power necessary to down an assault cruiser, OrionBlu knew it needed a sturdy ship with excellent in-flight stability. OrionBlu also knew it wanted to keep the RVTOL structure that proved so effective with its fighters. Cerberus engineers found the solution by moving the RVTOL engines inside a broad wing structure. The ship known as the LL 612 FireMoth proved a capable weapons platform with excellent firepower and speed, but less maneuverability than smaller RVTOL fighters like the Blue Jacket, Wasp or Monarch.

--This was one of 5 Neo-Classic Space fighters that escorted me to Brickworld. More photos will be posted later- so there may be an update in the coming days.

Of the 5 fighters I designed, I envisioned this one as more of a heavy gunship as stated above.

All five fighters have a VTOL type element (if you need that sort of thing) and all have a nomenclature after an insect that has some similarity in shape or feature to the vessel.

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